What is the Central Lakes Regional Planning Team?

The team is a group formed to respond to funding opportunities created by the School College Work Initiative (SCWI). Its members represent Georgian College and five area school boards. Central Lakes is one of 16 regional planning teams in Ontario responsible for the delivery of projects, forums and dual credits approved and funded by SCWI.


What is the School College Work Initiative?

Formed in 1997, this provincial organization was created to improve the transition between secondary school and the college pathway. Funding for SCWI comes from the Ontario government. Each year SCWI releases a request for proposals with specific goals in mind. It accepts proposals solely through Regional Planning Teams, and approves all projects through a co-management team which includes directors of school boards and presidents of colleges. Check out the SCWI website at www.gotocollege.ca.


What is a dual credit?

Dual credits are college courses delivered by college instructors to secondary school students. If successful, those students get credit in both high school and college. Dual credits are available at no cost to the secondary student. There are a variety of different delivery models for dual credits; you’ll find more details by clicking here.


Who can take a dual credit?

Dual Credit Programs are designed to help secondary students complete their high school diplomas and make a successful transition to college and apprenticeship programs. The primary focus is on those students facing the biggest challenges in graduating. This includes disengaged and underachieving students with the potential to succeed but who are at risk of not graduating from high school, students in a related Specialist High Skills Major program, OYAP students and students who have left high school before graduating. To learn about current credits and how to apply, click here.


What is an Event?

Activities are events and projects giving students, parents or teachers a personal taste of the college environment by coming to campus. The Central Lakes Regional Planning Team plans a variety each year; for a current list and to learn more about getting involved click here.