Sarah Romanet

I really enjoyed the dual credit course; I feel that it has helped me in so many ways. Having the chance to go to college when you’re still in high school helps you better understand what there is out there for you after you are done high school. I really think that dual credit has made me want to finish high school and go to college, or ever university if I get my marks up. I would suggest the dual credit program to anyone who is unsure of post secondary education. This program is a great way to get extra credits if you are a little bit behind, it truly does give you the full college experience. The two support teachers always made the program a little easier with the help they were giving us when we needed to study for a test or even the end of term assignment. Also the teacher was very informative. I feel that I have learned a lot from this course and that I have even furthered my school skills, such as managing a college course and high school course. I would hope that other students would take the opportunity to take the course as well and experience all that dual credit has to offer. This was definitely a great experience! I feel if you don’t take the opportunities you’re given you’ll never know what’s out there for you.



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