CLRPT Tool Kit

The Central Lakes Regional Planning Team Tool Kit

The Central Lakes Regional Planning Team (CLRPT) is composed of five school boards and Georgian College. Its members are responsible for the proposal and delivery of all dual credits in Simcoe County, Muskoka and Grey-Bruce. One of the key goals set by the CLRPT was improving dual credit student success through instruction on identified key areas of knowledge and skill sets as part of the dual credit course delivery.

As a first step, we surveyed college faculty involved in the delivery of dual credits, secondary school dual credit support teachers and dual credit students. The purpose of the survey was to understand what knowledge and skills are needed in each of our dual credit courses, to develop an awareness of what skills our dual credit students are lacking and then to formulate classroom modules to address this gap.

The results of the survey indicated that there were seven common key areas that faculty, dual credit support teachers and dual credit students felt were lacking in the ability of the dual credit student to succeed in their courses. The areas identified were: APA, Blackboard, study strategies, test taking strategies, note taking, time management and presentation skills. Additionally, all three groups identified that health and social support resources were needed in order to address some of the non-academic challenges that students potentially face.

We piloted the modules developed in ten dual credit classrooms in the winter of 2013. Faculty members involved were surveyed about the usefulness of the modules by the Georgian College research division. Those results led the CLRPT to convene a working group of faculty, teachers and RPT members in the summer of 2013 to improve the modules into the Dual Credit Tool Kit.

Dual Credit Tool Kit

The Tool Kit is divided into seven categories each of which contains:

  • Student handout(s)
  • Faculty resource document(s)
  • Powerpoint presentation for delivery in class with an activity for students

Ideally faculty will implement the Tool Kit presentations and activities during class at the appropriate time. For example, the lesson on Study Tips would best be used before the first test, while the APA resources would be used when assigning an essay.

We look forward to your feedback regarding the Dual Credit Tool Kit!