The dual credit program has been an amazing and rewarding experience. The professors and support staff were exceptional as well as the course content being very compelling.

Through grade eleven I was in and out of school a lot, and that lead to me dropping out in grade twelve after going through a lot of family mishaps. I couldn’t take the stress of the workload and the busy environment while dealing with depression and anxiety. Being able to be a part of the Dual Credit program has given me the motivation and the confidence to finish school. The professors and teachers in the Dual Credit program are amazing people and are there day and night to help and support you when and if you need it. Having that kind of support gave me the confidence to be able to complete the program; In public high school I found it very difficult to reach out to teachers and ask for help, as many of them were there just to do what they had to and leave. Having someone who genuinely cared if you came to class really mattered to me. The once a week classes really helped me learn to manage my time and did not overwhelm me with a lot of schoolwork. Every class I went to I found very interesting, and being in a collage made me feel as if I was moving forward with my life, not falling even more behind. Having the college to go to, to complete homework or study was an extra bonus because at times I needed a place where it was a more focused environment. People were there to accomplish something not socialize.

Thank you to Georgian College and the SCDSB for having this program. It has been an amazing experience that I hope to continue in as I finish my high school diploma.

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