I chose to take the “blueprint reading” dual credit program mainly because of the course content; such a course is not offered at my school at the high-school level. The only challenge I have encountered thus far is having no previous knowledge of the course content. The skill-set I have gained from the course has been very beneficial in two ways: first, learning the basics of blueprints and what they are all about; this type of training is what I wish to continue for the years to come, so having a “head start” on this type of application will be in my favour; second, experiencing a higher level of education.

The dual credit course has changed my outlook on college and/or apprenticeship training however; it has not changed the path I will be taking next year. I know for certain that I will be attending University next year and have worked very hard to get to this point. After experiencing the dual credit program I feel it would be equally, if not more beneficial, to have both the college and university experience. Before this semester I was not aware of the benefits of a college or apprenticeship program; I was raised and taught thinking that university was my best and only option. If I had experienced this course a year sooner, I may have thought differently about post-secondary training.

Taking this dual credit program has given me the credit I need to graduate along with an experience and skill-set I will further pursue next year. Although I will not be transferring the college credit portion next year, universities have been impressed that a high-school student has already gained a college credit. If I were to go to college next year, I feel that having this dual credit behind my post-secondary education would better my college experience.

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