Dual Credit Provides Confidence for Secondary Student

Jess Smith was like many high school students—a little uncertain about her future and unsure about her abilities. She was considering a career as an Early Childhood Educator; through the hands on learning in her dual credit program, she now has the confidence to follow through on that plan.

“I knew I needed to push myself to prove that I can achieve my dreams and can overcome my own fears and self-imposed barriers,” Jess says. “I know I’m capable of so much and just needed the opportunity to prove it to myself.”

The 18-year-old from Barrie Collegiate joined students from several Simcoe County schools in the Experiences in Language Arts course from Georgian College’s ECE program. Students had to read and play in the class as they would with children. Jess says the course has empowered her and changed her perspective.

“I feel the course has helped me not only identify my “inner teacher”, but believe that I’ll be really good at it someday with more training. I just need to get through high school and then the whole world is a wide-open road in front of me! Thank you Dual Credit, Georgian College and professor Martha Kovacks for this opportunity to learn about myself so I can prepare for the start of my future as an Early Childhood Educator with a more settled and confident mindset.”

About 1,000 secondary students study dual credits at Georgian College each year. Eleven dual credit courses began this week in the Spring semester.



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